My daughter, Ashley died of cancer at 23…but this is not about cancer. It is about who she was; how she never lost her sense of humor, how she never stopped making plans and lived life to the fullest, even after being declared terminally ill. It took me 15 years to finally write it. It is then, of course, from a mother's perspective, with contributions from her older sister, Laura. 

It is poignant, spiritual and REAL; and even funny as hell, with some of the good, bad, and amazing things we went through in this journey. A unique, extended family, whom one would think would be totally dysfunctional, came together to become not only functional, but extraordinary.

The spiritual journey includes Ashley having been into Wicca at the time, and reconciling that with our Episcopal heritage, as well as support from a dear friend who knew Edgar Cayce. Our base was ecumenical indeed. It recounts my trials as a single divorced mother; keeping afloat with my executive search consulting business and keeping us solvent while playing caregiver. It tells about everything I did right, with the audacity of Scarlett O'Hara, and the times when I lost my sanity. It is honest and touching. 

The writing style of the book is similar to what you would expect if Wayne Dyer wrote this with Erma Bombeck, or perhaps Deepak Chopra wrote on this heavy topic with Janet Evanovich. My memories of this experience are written as vignettes. The book is short (100 pages) and makes a compelling read. The ending is beautiful.  You'll laugh.  You'll cry. You'll be uplifted.